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News Here we will alert you to all the latest news, including exciting enhancements to BookishFirst and the Forum, and opportunities to meet the BookishFirst Team IRL. Questions & Help If you need help using BookishFirst (entering raffles, earning points, receiving books, etc.) please first read our FAQs and How it Works. Shipping Info We very much appreciate everyone’s patience during this unprecedented time. As you may be aware, most publishers and their warehouses are still under lockdown due to the pandemic, so many are unable to ship print books at this time. This has been affecting the book industry as a whole, not just BookishFirst raffles. We’re in close contact with publishers on a weekly basis, and they’re all very hopeful they’ll be able to send out winning copies soon, while also staying safe and healthy. As soon as each publisher is able to ship their books, we will immediately update all the winners. If you have any questions about specific raffles or your account, please contact our support team directly (bookishfirsthelp@bookish.com) so we can help you quickly and securely.
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Thank you - my book has arrived!

To help your fellow raffle winners gauge if their winning copy will be arriving soon, please reply this topic to when a book has reached you. Please use the search in this topic to quickly see if the book has already ar…

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