Amazon has banned reviews on Ophelia After All

Amazon has now banned all reviews of Ophelia After All unless it’s a verified purchase.

sounds like censorship to me

I wonder if they had problems with homophobic fake reviews.

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Amazon has been a nightmare to deal with. I used to review many books that I won and now they won’t let me leave reviews on anything. I tried to fight it and gave up.

There was no reason given when my review was refused.
Why have they done this?

I was about to leave my review for Ophelia and I got the same message that only verified purchases can leave reviews :frowning:

I am 100 percent agreeing with you on that. There has been so much shouting down about this genre of books that I am sure that the haters were just review-bombing them with 1 star reviews.

I just think Amazon stinks with their review policy all around. You have to spend at least fifty dollars in a year to post reviews (even though I spent thousands on one year). And, just because I used a gift card for seventy dollars in purchases, it didn’t count as money spent this year and I can’t pose any reviews. I’m sorry but I’m not spending money somewhere just to post reviews! Stupid!