Amazon refusing my reviews

Hi Everyone - Recently, Amazon sent me an email and is now refusing to let me leave any reviews at all. They also deleted all of my old reviews - on everything from books to household cleaners. I only review what I purchase there - or books I review.
I was able to talk to them and they allowed me to review again. I reviewed a laundry purchase and they pulled my reviews again.
Has anyone successfully had Amazon reinstate their review permissions? I’m really frustrated because I review alot of books and am losing points.

Ive had that same problem all of this year. I know they have told me that if i dont purchase more then $50.00 worth of their products they wont let me post reviews.

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I had the same problem and I never found out why I was banned from posting. I tried sending an email as it says to but I never hear back. I never found a phone number to call. I was never even notified that I was banned from posting reviews. I just found out when I tried to review something.

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After speaking with them, I was able to post a review. Then they blocked me from reviewing again. I’ve given up at this point.

Wow! That seems rather extreme. They are usually begging people to review products. I have had reviews returned if they didn’t meet “community” guidelines. Like if I included the name of a company or something.

A ban is ridiculous unless someone is posting inappropriate spam.

I’m sorry for your trouble.
I had issues with Barnes & Noble for awhile. They have a new system now and it seems to work okay.

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It’s very frustrating - especially since I like to leave book reviews. I may try B&N. Thanks for letting me know your experience with them.

That’s crazy to have a dollar limit on it!

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That’s what i thought too!! Now i only review on Goodreads, Storygraph and

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What’s the time frame in which you have to spend $50 at Amazon? Because there’s no way I spend that unless it’s over a couple years and have never been told that I can’t review anything.

I’m not sure. I’ve always spent quite a bit at Amazon so don’t have accurate info.

That started happening to me years ago. When I was flush with cash, I’d buy from every now and again and post my reviews of the various books I received. Then I wasn’t able to buy anything for quite a while. I was still able to leave reviews…until I wasn’t.

So I sent an email querying why I could no longer post reviews and received a similar message: unless I started buying from their website again, I couldn’t leave any more reviews. I was very aggrieved at this. So now I just post reviews to Goodreads and Barnes and Noble. This kind of corporate avarice doesn’t deserve our attention or our dollars. In fact, if I ever do start buying books online again (and not my local dollar stores), I’m going to make it a point to start shopping elsewhere like the Strand or AbeBooks.


Good point. I think I’ll just start buying locally or elsewhere. I do buy some things from Amazon but nothing like I used to.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Amazon has owned AbeBooks since 2008.

Two hardback books or a few cleaning products that you would’ve bought anyway would get you to the limit, although I did not know that was a factor until I read your comment.