August 2022 Bookish Bingo 😎

Are you ready to tackle your TBR pile this month? Join us in August and conquer your TBR!

If you share a completed bingo in the comments below before September 1, you’ll receive 20 bonus points!

Click here to read the rules and download your Bookish bingo card below. Make sure you share your progress with us by using #BookishBingo on social media. Let us know what books you’re reading for each prompt below! When you get a bingo, shout it out here.

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August Bookish Bingo prompts: Backlist from a new-to-you author, Book on the cover, Found family theme, Indie or self-published, Character name in the title, Murder Mystery, Title begins with A, Reread a favorite, Set in your home state, Published in August, Historical Fiction with a protagonist of color, Under 170 pages, free space, Secret identity, Pink spine, Nonfiction, Dragons, Title begins with G, Set in the mountains, Cover is your favorite color, Featured on BookishFirst, Character is cursed, Bought for the cover, Trans protagonist, Author name begins with C


For those readers who tend to use electronic formats, how do you determine the spine color of a book? Do you head to the library and borrow something? Check on your books at a bookstore? Do you have a better way? I always struggle with the spine tasks. I have a book that would likely fit the pink spine task, but have no way to find out for sure. (Not at library or book store, no pic of spine on Amazon. I already own the e-copy, so don’t want to buy a physical copy.) Thoughts?


I check Mercari to see if the book is for sale there and hope someone posted the spine

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Thank you! I usually end up skipping the tasks because they are difficult to confirm. I’ll check out Mercari.

I love these! They’re all so fun

Character in title: The Unsinkable Greta James
Published in August: She’s Up to No Good
Pink spine: It Ends with Us
Fave color on the cover: The Taste of Ginger
Author begins with C: The Bodyguard

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I have a question about the monthly Bingo.
These are suppose to be books we read (past tense) in the month, correct?
I rarely finish a Bingo, and that’s ok. I still print it out to see if a can do one. It’s fun.
I don’t understand how some can get a Bingo on the first day. That is a minimum of reading 4 books in a day.