Book Redemption's AND First Impressions Winner

I wish we could redeem past books. Twice I’ve redeemed my points for a book and also won the book based on my first impressions and only received 1 book. Is there a way to cancel book redemption’s or get our points back if we win?

Thanks for reaching out. When you use your points to claim a book, you are essentially securing a copy of the book for yourself and also that you will be a winner of the raffle. Since you’re still seen as a winner (even if you claimed the book) you will receive the “winner” email, confirming that you will be receiving the book. Hope this helps clarify!

You’re not actually winning another copy. Once you claim a book, you cannot win a copy of anything else that week. Check the email…it will say “you either won or claimed a copy” in the body of the email.

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Also, we cannot redeem past books because any that aren’t claimed are given out to winners.

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