Book Review Points

Do you only get points if the book you write a review for is one you’ve won? I wrote a book review for a novel that was published a couple years back and I hadn’t won it. I didn’t get points for the review, so is this why?

No, you don’t have to win the book. However, reviews are only eligible for points if it’s written within 3 months since the book was published.


Ohhhh okay. That makes sense now. Thanks so much!

No problem! I’m glad I could help.
It confused me at first, too. I kept seeing stuff saying you could write reviews for past books and get points, but there was hardly anything that said it had to be within 3 months of the books publication.

Yeah, that’s what really confused me. At first, I thought maybe my review just has to be looked over to make sure it’s all right, but I thought it was taking a little too long. I appreciate your help!