Book Review to Share For Extra Points

For the first time, I had a book appear, on my profile, under the book’s review to share for extra points. Since I had already written the review, a few days after I received the book, my review was there. I am making the assumption that, since the book is there, is it that the book, at the time, if you share your review, you get extra points? But, I’m not sure I am right and I still question if I’m making the right assumption. So, I’m turning to you, the pros out there, who know better and are so kind as to answer all my posts. What exactly does a book that appears in the last column, on your profile page mean? This is the first of my books to pop there. So other people save their reviews to post when a book pops up there, if it does give you more points? And, do you get more points to post when a book pops up there? Should you wait to share your review until the book pops up there? So much to learn!! But thank everyone who reads this even if they don’t respond!

From my understanding you get extra points if you share the Amazon review within a week of the release (You get 300 which is 200 more since each review is usually 100), that’s the extra points.

I do my Bookishfirst, Instagram, and Goodreads review when I finish the book then I do B&N and Amazon on release day (I write the release days down in my planner so I don’t miss them).

Ah, thanks for the tip! Now I know to wait on my B&N. I can’t review on Amazon and if I could guess, after reading the standards, its cause I didn’t spend fifty dollars of my own this year, it was seventy but on a gift card. I got shut out of my old account which had thousands on it, through the years and they let me comment on anything. But, had a phone number change and didnt realize that, even with the password, if your phone number is on the account, you have to verify it two ways and even if you do it through your email, that phone number must get verified to. Even when I called and tried to recover it with questions and stuff, going over and above the number, they asked me not easy ones, like my credit cards used, some of the numbers, but the exact amounts of what I last bought, (like I remember that) and all the dates, things you have on the computer so you dont have to remember! It really sucked but luckily, at the time, I didnt read on Kindle cause if I lost the almost 3,000 books on my Amazon account now. Man, I would flip! And, you can bet my last dollar that I will never, ever add a phone number to my account again. Its unnecessary really as the email works just as good and is safer and easier to recover from anywhere, can never be lost.