Bookish Reading Journals

Hi fellow readers!

I was wondering if anyone else does bullet journaling for tracking their reading? I thought I would make this thread so we can share our spreads and ideas for our bullet journals! I like to theme mine for each month so I am sharing a pic of my upcoming December pages. Let’s share some ideas!


I tried so hard to start one but I was terrible at it. I am hoping to try again the new year. Hopefully I can get some ideas from here.

Hi Jessica! The good thing is with reading journals they dont have to be perfect! Some months I really dont like my spread but I know in 30-31 days I will get a chance to do another one. I do alot of googling to get ideas as well.

I haven’t bullet journaled in forever! I should start a spread for my December reads. I’m participating in a holiday bingo on IG and have a few ARCs I need to keep better track of

I only keep a journal of the books on my TBR so that I can put a check next to them when I read them. I’m not good with keeping up a bullet journal :see_no_evil:

I would love to start I just don’t know where to begin and the funny thing is is that I watch a whole lot of YouTube videos on bullet journalling and their spreads are so arty and I get discouraged because my drawing is not that great but one day I will try it… LOL!! :slight_smile:

I’m a mood reader so I always struggle to do challenges or TBRS. But I am interested in having a journal to write down all of my reads so I might do it in the future.

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@chelsea409 I also have a bullet journal, but I haven’t been able to incorporate my reading into it (because I have waaaaaaay too many books that I am reviewing). However, in the November Owlcrate box, I received this beautiful reading planner, and I’m excited to start filling it up!


@faunne…Wow, I love that planner! I might use some of those pages as inspiration for future journaling!

I have some book journals that came pre-printed, but I really love the idea of creating my own. I’ve been toying with the idea as I’ve been getting closer to the end of my current journals and I think I might give it a try. I love that it’ll let me customize my pages to include exactly the info I want to track.

Bullet journaling is amazing. It allows you to create a journal that fits your own needs. I just tend to get overwhelmed when setting up the pages because I’m such a perfectionist. Sometimes I stop journaling just because I get so anxious about trying to make everything be just right…So for now, I’m trying out a pre-printed journal. :sweat_smile:


Don’t be discouraged! They don’t have to be “arty.” Mine is not “arty” at all, but rather it is “listy,” which is more suited to my personality & the way I think. It only has to work for you, no one else. The more you use it, the more you will want to use it! Good luck!


This is so awesome! The closest I’ve gotten to book journaling is keeping a list of books I’ve read in the “Notes” app on my iPhone. Hahaha. I should give something like this a try.

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I’ve been using the Always Fully Booked planner this year! It’s a daily planner but it also has pre-drawn aspects like bullet journal spreads. You can track books read, daily pages read, and write reviews in it.

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I started out the year making my own bullet journal but then I discovered the Always Fully Booked planner as well. It already has everything that I want to track life and reading in one place.

That idea is incredibly adorable! I love it, I have been wanting to get into bullet Journaling so badly but I just feel like I don’t have much to actually put down ya know?