BookishFirst Summer of Giveaways (Fiction Book Bundle #2) ๐Ÿ””

Weโ€™re so excited for the summer that weโ€™re giving away book bundles to BookishFirst readers every week through the end of August! Each bundle will include 2-3 books from past raffles, of the same genre. To be the first to hear about the weekly Bonus Giveaways, sign up for our weekly newsletter!

This weekโ€™s giveaway bundle features three Fiction books that BookishFirst readers have loved.


One (1) winner will receive these three (3) books:

  • Body Language by Marylee MacDonald
  • The Rib King by Ladee Hubbard
  • Members Only by Sameer Pandya

How to Enter:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter (sent every Monday & contains opportunities for bonus points)
  2. Comment below sharing your go-to genre to escape into.
  3. Deadline to enter is Friday, July 2nd.
  4. Winners will be contacted directly and announced in the newsletter on Monday, July 5th.
And the giveaway winner is...




My go-to escape genre is always fantasyโ€“the more unrealistic, the better depending on the level of escape needed!
Thanks for the chance!

My go-to genre is, as with many others, fantasy. But I hope I win this prize because I would love to read โ€œThe Rib King,โ€ which although it is not a fantasy, sounds very intriguing, full of witty social commentary.

I love escaping into a mystery, even if it has a lot of tropes. Gimme a mansion or hotel filled with rich people and a sleuth, have one of them turn up dead and Iโ€™m whisked away! (Bonus points if itโ€™s a poisoning.)

I usually escape into something lighthearted, like a fluffy romance or just a general fiction book.
If Iโ€™m looking to get lost into another world, fantasy is always another good way to go.

I have been really taken by historical fiction lately

Suspense is my go-to! The more twists and turns, the better!

I donโ€™t really have a go-to genre, sometimes itโ€™s mystery, sometimes itโ€™s suspense-thriller. It varies widely and includes historical romance, romantic-suspense, and romantic-comedy.

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Fantasy is my go to. I need to imagine myself in a world that isnโ€™t my own.

My go-to is mystery. I just love curling up with a great who-done-it.

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I love to escape in the past. Historical fiction is a great way to do that!

My go to genre is contemporary.

Mystery/suspense is my favorite genre to escape into, though I also love anything (litfic, romance, nonfic, memoir) engaging!

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Escape for me is def mystery / psychological thriller - the ones you try to solve and just cannot put down - they just suck me in taking me right out of my own reality

True depends on my mood at the time and what/ why I need the escape

My go-to genre that I get lost in is Dystopian/Fantasy. I love the world-building in this genre.

My go to escape genre is historical fiction!

My favorite go to genre to escape into would be Historical Fiction because it brings me to both a different time and place.

I love historical fiction but Iโ€™m up for any genre in the summer

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My go-to escape genre is YA rom-com.