Books not yet received

Is anyone else having trouble getting the books they’ve won or used points to get? I haven’t received the last three books I’ve supposedly won. I’ve emailed Bookish First but I still haven’t received them. Just wondering what others experiences are.

Yes, a lot of us are still waiting on The Cleaner. I have had some problems with other books but they eventually come. I am kinda worried though about the Cleaner. I hope you get your books but sometimes they do take a little or there are delays in shipping.


There was one book I never got after several emails back and forth with BF and BF with the publisher. BF ended up giving me 2000 points in my account since the book didn’t come which I was totally fine with and appreciated. They’re very responsive. I didn’t get another one and reached out recently and they emailed the publisher and a few days later I got it. And I just had to reach out to BF yesterday because I got an email about the pub date of a book I won but I realized I haven’t gotten it yet. My assumption is the info is just getting lost in translation at some point because I’ve gotten all the other books I won or used my points on. BF has been wonderful to work with. Goodluck!


Has anyone actually gotten their copy of The Cleaner? I emailed BookishFirst and they said they’d contact the publisher, but I haven’t seen anything.

No, I’m still waiting for two books from Bookish First. The Cleaner is one of them.

Still waiting on The Cleaner also.

I am still waiting on ‘The Cleaner’ as well. I wish they would at least post a message if there are big delays like this.

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Yeah, I wish they would let us know what is happening. Like any update would be nice.

They did update and give a new shipping estimate: Delayed Ship Date: March 25th, 2021

I also reached out to them by email a while ago and they said they were contacting the publisher and were trying to figure it out.

So, hopefully it will be here soon!

There seems to be a lengthy delay, but they do show up

Hello, I have emailed Bookish First at a week ago about an issue with a book I’ve won. I have not heard back yet. How long has it taken others to receive a reply? Thank you for any pointers! @bookishfirst_team

I have emailed BookishFirst twice about never receiving SAS: Red Notice or The Cleaner. I was told both times that they reached out to the publisher and I would get them and I have yet to get either one. I know other people have received SAS but I never did.

I usually hear back the next day, maybe message them again? :confused: Don’t forget to include all details that you can that will help them to respond faster! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear! I received SAS a while ago, I would def reach out again and ask! I’m guessing yours was lost in the mail or something…

As for The Cleaner, we are all still waiting on that one, hopefully soon!

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Yeah I will definitely reach out again but I’m thinking SAS is probably a lost cause at this point.

I am sorry to hear you didn’t get SAS. I hope they will be able to send you your copy. I had the same problem before. I emailed them about a book but never got an email back. Hopefully you get it soon.

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I got SAS: Red Notice a while back…just missing The cleaner

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I finally recieved it at the end of last week. I too am still waiting on The Cleaner though

**posted this on another thread, but posting here for those who didn’t see it

Hey guys, just got an update from BookishFirst on The Cleaner! :

After checking back in with the publisher again, it seems that there was a shipping delay that even they weren’t aware of. So the books are now being shipped out tomorrow, April 22nd and hopefully, they should arrive within the week!

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Yeah! Thank you so much for the update. Hopefully I’ll get my copy soon. Its the only book on bookish first I hadn’t been able to review yet. Now I’ll be able to.

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