Can you win a book after others claim with their 2000 points?

I have been with BookishFirst since it started. Back then, nobody had 2000 points and I won many books. It became more popular and now has many more people participating.

The only books I have gotten in the last couple years are ones I “guarantee” using my 2000 points OR unpopular books that don’t run out of guaranteed copies.

Are there still random copies that are raffled off or can books run out with those using guaranteed points? I have been wondering this for awhile.

It seems like there are less and less copies available for sure! I read the first look and left a review for a book in this week’s raffle and there wasn’t a box for me to click on to say I was interested in winning and reviewing the book. And I was interested!

Thank you for your question - there is a cap on the number of book claims available for each book (to be fair to everyone trying to enter the raffle). Once the cap has been reached, the “Get it now” button will appear gray and a message will appear that there are no books left to claim. The rest of the books are randomly raffled to Readers entering the raffles.

If there are multiple books in a current raffle, readers can use their points to claim only one of those books and will not be eligible to win any other books in the current raffle.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the answer! So there are still raffled books even after those use points to claim? That is good to know.

I won 2 books in February alone from raffles, so those are definitely working.

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Same here – I have not won a raffle for a LONG time. The only books I have received are the ones I redeemed my points to get. But still grateful for free books, thank you BookishFirst!


I believe so, yes. The quantities are limited as they are for the “get now with points” copies. I am quite sure that I have won a couple of books (in the past) when none were available to claim immediately.