Can't write a First Impression

I can’t write a First Impression and I am only allowed to write reviews. What I mean is that when I select a book there are three options (buttons to click on): Pint the book, Read reviews and First Impressions and Write a Review. Am I doing sth wrong? Is it a glitch?:blush::heart::books:

@kyriaki Right now, there are no titles available yet for writing first impressions


You can only write First Impressions during the week that the book is featured. Once that week closes, only full reviews of the entire book are allowed.

The next books will open up for First Impressions on Monday, January 6 and will close on Tuesday, January 14. Bookish First takes the holidays off each year, so there are currently no books to provide First Impressions for.


oh thank you so much!
Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!:heart::books::blush:

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