Cassandra clare

I’m so sad I missed using my “get in now” points. I logged in at 5am before I went to work and they were already gone. Fingers crossed I win the raffle! Have a great week everyone. :slight_smile:


I logged in at 11:30 pm CST and they were already gone. Oh well. Good luck to everyone!

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What are the get it now points?

On BookishFirst it’s easy to accumulate reward points by submitting First Impressions and by writing and sharing your full Reviews. Once you’ve collected 2000 points (we’ll email you when you do!), you can exchange them for the book of your choice from the current raffle. Simply click the green “Claim this book with your points!” button on that book’s page and the book is yours – without needing to write a First Impression or enter the raffle. You can learn more in our FAQ here.


Yes. I logged in the night it opened and missed out too. Sadness! :persevere:

Maybe next time!