👋🏽 Conversation Starters

Want to get to know your fellow BookishFirst Readers, but not sure where to start? Below are some suggestions on how to get a conversation rolling!

Just be sure to follow the Forum Guidelines to keep this a respectful, safe, and fun place for all. :heart:

:question:Ask a question

  • What is your favorite book or author to recommend to other people?
  • If you could curl up with a book anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • How do you choose the books you read?
  • Would you like advice on book reviewing? Ask away!

:game_die: Create a Game
Remember those word/phrase games you’d play in the car to pass the time during a long trip? Or with your friends/family while sitting around the table? Those are perfect ways to get a game going in the Forum! When starting a game, remember to announce the rules to fellow players so they can follow along. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a Story - Start with a single sentence and encourage each player to add a line to the story!
  • Categories - Choose a category, like “fiction authors”. In alphabetical order (or not), each player names an author.

:camera_flash: Start a Picture or Gif Thread

  • Share a Shelfie and ask others to share their own bookshelves.
  • Share a picture of your favorite book, and ask others to do the same.

:memo: Create a Poll
Start a new Topic, click the gear icon :gear: in the Topic toolbar, and select “Build Poll.” Create a poll in the form of a question with multiple choice answers, or a “This or That” poll (perhaps comparing two images, gifs, etc.). The possibilities are endless!

  • How do you like to read? Audiobook, print book, eBook