First look option of wanting book

I claimed a copy of Chain of Gold and did not expect to see that last question at the end asking “do you want a copy of this book”. But for the other 1st look title it did not give me the option. Was the option of reviewing a book and given the option to want it or just review the 1st look removed?

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To be fair to everyone, if there are multiple books in a current raffle, readers are allowed to use their points to claim 1 of those books but you can still have a chance to win the other book(s) by submitting a First Impression and entering the raffle.

While we do wish we could award everyone a title, we only have a limited number to share.

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I get this. I was inquiring of books you give a first impression on and don’t want a copy of that book. There was a tick box at the end that used to say you want a chance to win that title.

… and if someone can claim a book, must be from USA or Canada?

We welcome readers from anywhere in the world to browse BookishFirst to find out about new books and read excerpts. But we can only send prizes and free books to mailing addresses in the United States.

Thank you very much. I didn’t know that. Pitty, I love to read and I cherish books, alas no books for us in Europe. But, I’ll continue to read excerpts and write firs impressions.