Friday Question #144 - Most-Read Author of 2022

Happy Friday, Readers!

Who are your most-read authors this year?

I would say Julia Quinn and her Bridgerton series. I read all of her Bridgerton books this year.

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I’ve read Karin Slaughter more than any other author this year. Every time I find one of her older books at a used book sale, I buy it and read it. You can always count on her to be unputdownable


Heather Graham, R.E. Butler, Suzanne Wright, Lynn Cahoon…just to name a few.

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This year I have tried to read as many debut authors as possible and post reviews. I did read both books Judy Lin wrote this year.

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Colleen Hoover, Blake Pierce, Tracy Wolff, Alexis Rey

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Taylor Jenkins Reid, Shari Lapena, and Megan Goldin

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She’s a great writer!

I have been so busy reading books for reviews I didnt do much personal reading but I read older readers this year, the most, I guess, when I get personal reads now they are books I find laying around in a free library in the city or someone gives me an old book. Actually, in the city the free library has some killer new books. One was a book I got on NetGalley, never finished reading before it expired in 90 days (before I discovered Kindle and the fact that there, books don’t expire for net) anyway, it was…jeez,Outlawed and it was still only hardback when I got a free copy. Of course, with all the moving we had to do in the last year books got left behind. But I discovered some good old reads too. And, there was a cute book like the teen one we just reviewed, The Wrong Kind of Weird called Love Radio and for a YA book it was really good. When I read the teen books that are being written now, they seem alot different then the books I had to read, around middle and high school. I mean Sweet Valley High and all but when we got books they were always about kids with problems, couldn’t solve them, bad decision and families. I had read a comment about The Wrong Kind of Weird someone made, it was a bad one about the book. And while Weird wasn’t my favorite one thing I can say was that the kid certainly didn’t seem like he wasn’t decisive. I mean when I think about the boys I know when we were in high school I know they were never researching sex on the Internet when they were making their decision whether or not they wanted to “do it”. I mean this kid really seemed to, for the most part, have a good head on his shoulders. And, I dont think he was back and forth between the two girls, he was finding out who he wanted to be with and spending time w/ both. I mean when you are in a relationship w/ someone, when you have a good head on your shoulders, you don’t make rash decisions and end it in a day, on a whim. Yeah, he went a little overboard in trying to figure out whether he and she could work, trying to get the lead in a play. But, for a kid in high school, really, the most intense time of your life when everyday can feel like a million and each day feels like “the end”, all in all, he treaded lightly, in my book. Me, in high school, I never really even thought about my decisions so when they happened, even the big ones were lightenly quickly made and never thought about. All in all though, while I would like to do more free reading this year, I really want to get more reviews up and work on the relationship with publishers for my column in a Cleveland, OH free paper.

Thats awesome and always a good thing. Have you found any authors this year whose books were so good you are putting them on your shelf for life…like you will look for each new book they write. Honestly, I found one this year. I won The Villa by Rachel Hawkins on Goodreads and I had never read her before. That book was awesome! I really didnt get the cover. While I know the book was set in and Italian villa, she is a thriller writer. But, it was really a psychological villa. Check out the cover and maybe you will see as I do. And, winning Locust Lane was nice (and my first win as a new member) as Amidon is going on my must read forever shelf when he writes new books. The best of the best is the shelf where I will buy the author in hardback. Gabaldon Outlander books are there and John Grisham used to be but he got…IDK, too “James Patterson-ish”. (commercial) I really wish he would do something like A Time To Kill again or The Pelican Brief.

Yes, I have found authors I will seek out more of their work. We Deserve Monuments and As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow are my two favorite books this year and both by debuts. I’m glad you are also finding new authors you enjoy.

Author, Priscilla Oliveras would be my most read for 2022.
Her books are fun to read and you don’t need to know Spanish to enjoy.

I believe We Deserve Monuments was #1 on Goodreads too, or, they posted it was #1 somewhere. A really popular book and I loved it too. And, there was a book I won on a giveaway this year, I believe it will be published soon called Sink by Joseph Earl Thomas, a memoir. It was one of the best books I have read in a long time, really wrenched the heart and there were moments in the book where I was like, “holy cow”, the scenes so amazing for the seven year old boy, as he grows up. As I believe this is the authors first book and it was above and beyond what to expect of a newcomer, I don’t know if he will ever be able to top this first as I don’t know where you go when you start with “best of the best” material, as Thomas did, in Sink.

You need to read Sink by Joseph Earl Thomas when it comes out (I believe soon). His debut novel, Sink will blow your mind as it is a book that I never expected to read, so life-like and real the authors descriptions from the mind of a seven year old as he interprets his world for readers and as he then grows up, into his teens.