Friday Question #147 - Gifted Books

Happy Friday, Readers!

Did you gift any books to your friends and family this year? If so, what were they?

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I didn’t give a book as a Christmas gift. Instead, I give my cousin all the books I’ve read throughout the year - so far, it’s 106 books for this year. She much prefers that! :slight_smile:

I grew up in a family that didn’t know each other well enough to give gifts like that. Sad, really. And many times, I have found, that people are afraid to give books because many people do not think of books as a gift. In my lifetime, I wish I would have been surrounded by a more intellectual bunch who would appreciate a good book as they have gotten expensive and, I think, a well picked book for a person shows them how much they know you and how much you care. Anyone who gets and gives books as present is a lucky person and I hope to find friends such as these as I really would love to be able to give the gift of a good book!

Lucky cousin! That is really thoughtful, nice of you.

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