Friday Question #149 - Books Set in a Small Town

Working on your January Bookish Bingo board?

Share some books set in a small town and help another reader complete a square.

Any of the Kensington cizy mysteries would fit that square. The first book I read this year Murder in a Cape Cottage by Maddie Day was a small town murder investigation.
Also, Georgie All Along takes place in a small town and is about a young woman who comes back home to a small town after being laid off from a job in Calilfornia.

I love Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers series. The first book is Truth or Beard. It’s got everything: small town, humor, HEA, a little suspense, relatable characters and good spice.

Bitter Roots by CJ Carmichael - A ‘whodunit’ mystery. It’s a short read. I thought it was a good mystery.