Friday Question #158 - Books with a Deaf Protagonist

Happy Friday, Readers!

Share a book that features a Deaf protagonist and help a fellow reader check off a square on the March Bookish Bingo board.

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So True Biz by Sara Novic features a deaf protagonist but there is also the graphic novel Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker, which features LGBTQ+ rep as well.


You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardener features a deaf graffiti artist main character.

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I read Deeplight by Frances Hardinge. The deaf character isn’t the main character but there are chapters that follow her so I think it counts.

I picked Deaf Utopia, since it was advertised on my library’s website. I kind of thought it was going to be sort of an eye-rolling biography about some vapid semi-celebrity…it wasn’t. The author grew up in a 4 generation deep deaf family and talked a lot about deaf culture and it’s history as he talked about how it impacted his life. I recommend it!

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Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly.

I’ve not read it yet, but I found The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon, which looks really interesting.

“The Sign for Home”, by Blair Fell
The young man is deaf and blind. Excellent book, Highly recommend. Published April 2022

Sugaring Off by Gillian French!