Friday Question #165 - Library Events

It’s #NationalLibraryWeek!

Have you attended any library events recently? What is your favorite library event you’ve attended?

Our library does a ‘blind date’ for the month of February. Where they put a book in a gift bag marked only with its genre. And you get to pick a bag not knowing the book. I’ve got to know a couple of authors that I hadn’t read before. And when you return the book they ask “how was your date?” It’s so fun.


I participate in a lot of library events. Our library system offers such a great variety of activities. I have done a lot of different art classes. For example, I have dyed t-shirts after applying wax to create a picture on it, made a cutting board out of wood slats, made a coaster with acrylic pouring, and made a journal among others. I check out their calendar often. I love the author talks they have too.

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This sounds like a fun event! :slight_smile:

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I just moved to Minneapolis, so I’m excited to get to know my new library a little better. The best part is, it’s just around the block!

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St. Louis Public Library…April’s Not So Quiet! Concert Series that is held monthly…great music and it was FREE

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I’m finding that libraries are slowly getting back to hosting author events in person. Often, they still stick with online events, as if they’re being cautious about COVID. But a library in another city not far from me is having an in-person event later this week with Deborah Goodrich Royce, author of REEF ROAD. So I’ll be attending that.

The last event I attended at my own library in Romeo, Michigan was a speaker talking about President Lincoln.