Friday Question #31: Do you ever read series out of order?

I have often read that way too. An agree that a good author allows the book to stand alone. If I really enjoy the character I will go back to the series. I found Louise Penny that way & I read Martha Grimes & Peter Lovesey that way in & out dependent on story. Some authors you cannot do that Elly Griffiths character has to evolve.

sometimes I do because most books don’t have the order number on them

I am not a big fan of series. However I have read most of Tana French’s book and I really think you need to read them in order.

I try not to but I won a copy of the 5th book in Darynda Jones series & loved it. Got started on Kathy Reich’s books out of order originally. Love finding a series I can pick up almost any book in it & it makes me want to go to the beginning to read all of them.

All the time but there are several authors that I have gone back and read them from the beginning.

Sometimes a book is recommended to me and I don’t know it’s part of a series. If I like it, I’ll go back and read the series in order but I usually read them in order. I like seeing how the author’s writing has changed over time as well as the storyline.

Sometimes but usually by accident because I don’t realize that it is a part of a series when I buy it because most authors don’t bother to put a number on the books so you know what order to read them in

Nope. Unless it is by accident.

No. I figure if a book is part of a series, I need to read the series in order to be able to follow the story.

If they need to be read in an order- NO.
If they can be read as standalones- YES.

I often read series out of order. A well-written series of books can each be read as a standalone. If it cannot, I don’t finish the series.

I won the first Cork O’Connor book Iron Lake in author Wm. Kent Krueger’s series of which there must be about 20 now. I started reading them out of order depending upon what I found at used book stores and decided that was not a good idea . In one book Cork’s wife had died . When I picked up an earlier book from the series and she was living happily with her family, it bothered me knowing she would be dead a couple of books down the road. I started borrowing the books from the library and reading the series in order. A series can be read out of order, but I think it’s many times more satisfying to read them in order.

Many times. I never even think about it. Sometimes I’ll start with the latest in a series, then go back and start from the beginning. It doesn’t spoil it for me. I do prefer to read in order, if I begin the series at book one, but that doesn’t always happen.