Has anyone gotten promise boys, yet?

I still havent gotten the book even though the estimated shipping time was January 6th.


The shipping date was only on Friday that’s not unusual it will take a couple days.

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I find it usually takes a week or longer for books to arrive.

Not yet. Hopefully soon.

Nope. I did get my print copy of Harare Voices & Beyond though. I saved up my points and waited to be able to get that book as I desired it terribly. It was weird…got an email, said I had a DHL shipment coming and I thought it was a publisher who was sending me some books I was waiting for, turns out it was Harare Voices and I think it was the author who sent it himself. And, it came right on time. Think he lives in the UK and now I know why only five books could get shipped. I really love the book and its different than I thought it would be. Actually, since I HAVE TO spend $$ this year on Amazon to review, thought Id buy his first two books, to pay him back the favor of shipping and cause I like the writer.

I haven’t gotten my copy yet…

I also haven’t received my copy.

Not yet but it usually does take those 2 weeks the say for me to receive it. Love that I will have to be rushed to read it though. :roll_eyes: At least they give 7 days after pub day to review now. If Amazon will let us post reviews which is always a mystery!

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Still haven’t gotten mine either

I haven’t either. Thanks for adding to the feedback!

No, I have not received my copy. I keep seeing my message on my account that I have need to review it because I won a copy but can’t do anything about it.

Ok so it’s not just me! I was wondering why it hadn’t arrived yet. I also emailed the website and they said it was en route but to tell them if it hadn’t come in two weeks. Very strange I usually get mine by now

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I just got it today! I’m in VA

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Not yet, but it’s early still. I start to wonder when it’s been 3 weeks past the ship date.

If anyone uses NetGalley, the audiobook is available for request. Full cast, musical accompaniment, and sound design so that’s pretty awesome.

Got my copy yesterday 1/19 in NH!

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My copy of Promise Boys arrived today, Tuesday January 24 via USPS on West Coast, USA