Help! My Points Keep Disappearing!

I started off the day with 200 points and I completed all 3 reviews from the First Looks, which gave me another 300 for a total of 500 points. I checked my profile and yep, 500! Yay! Right?! Wrong!! I just checked it and I’m down to 300! This is NOT the first time this has happened!! I’ve lost over a thousand points over the last month or so and have absolutely no idea why, no explanation, nothing.

What should I do?

Has this happened to you?

If so, what did you do about it?

Omg!! I’ve never had this happen, that sucks so much :frowning: I don’t have any advice, I just hope you get your points back!

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A lot of my points disappeared well over a week ago so I highly doubt they’re coming back. And then another 200 points today. It is so frustrating! I have wrote them (BookishFirst) an email about it and am waiting on a response. I’ll update this thread with a response when I hear back.

In other news, a book I won on Goodreads was delivered to my house but the package was empty! Turns out the package was destroyed so much in shipment that the book fell out somewhere along the way. The book is Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan, a book I’ve been really looking forward to. I’ve reached out to Goodreads which then reached out to the publisher and they have since sent me another book! This all transpired within one or two days! Unbelievable turn around and I am so very thankful and just have to sing their praises because I assumed once a book is lost it’s gone forever!


That sucks. :frowning: Looks like there may be some technical issues happening…

Ahhh yeah, that makes sense. You have to link to the specific review on all platforms. Sometimes it’s really difficult finding those unique links, especially on Amazon. I’ve bookmarked my Amazon profile for that very reason.

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Amazon’s “share review” button opens an email directly linking the review, so you can have the direct URL without waiting for approval.


Hi @thegrimreader, Our support team is currently looking into your missing points and we’ll reply directly via our support email Possibly related to your missing points - you should have also received an email from us last week about how to fix your current shared review links (and how to correctly post them going forward) - if you have any specific questions you can reply directly to that email.

If you, or any other BookishFirst Readers have any other account activity questions, please let us know via email ( which will be the fastest way for us to help resolve any issues dealing with your private information in your accounts.


So far, I have been unable to find a way to direct link my Barnes and Noble reviews. Has anyone figured this out? I feel like the only way to link to B&N is to link to the book page. I know there’s a “Share” link once your review is published, but it uses a link shortener (which ends up being instead of Just curious.


Thank you so much! I’m starting to think it’s the whole Amazon review thing and me not posting the correct link.

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Yes! Underneath your review there’s a twitter share button. Act like you’re sharing on twitter, and then copy the link it adds to the tweet (similar to a link). Open that link in a new window & then copy the address in the URL bar. It’s a total pain in the ass, but it will get you a direct link to your B&N review. Hope that helps!


Hi Ann, Can you please contact with all of the details and we’ll look into this further for you?

This didn’t work for me. The link went straight to the book page with all of the reviews, not just mine. Any other suggestions?

I am having a similar but not quite the same problem - my review for Wake up Wanda Wiley posted to Bookish First, but then my goodreads and Amazon reviews both disappeared (and I THINK but not 100% sure that the points disappeared too). I think it was reviewed within 3 weeks! Anyone have an idea?

Thanks so much for reaching out. The points for your review links weren’t awarded because the book has already been on sale for 3+ months (after the book is on sale for 3 months, you can still earn points by submitting a full Review, but review links do not help earn points).

Ahhh I didnt mean to delete that, I just meant to add that I was just confused because the book was sent out at the end of January and I hadn’t looked that closely at the pub date yet :flushed:

Thanks for responding!

It’s not working for me either. I haven’t gotten a nastygram from BookishFirst about those yet, but I haven’t seen a way to get a direct link either.