I'm waitinf for my book to arrive

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I’m waiting for The Kingdoms Of Savannah! It’s already been two weeks and I don’t know what is happening…

Weird, I got mine close to 2 weeks ago and I’m usually one of the last to receive anything out here in the middle of nowhere.

I received Kingdoms of Savannah about two weeks ago; I heard they were behind

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So I am new here and havent received single book as of now. Books I am waiting for are:

  1. Twice as. Perfect
  2. The newly wed’s window
  3. Bad city
  4. Send her back

Has anyone received any of these? I know they say it will reach in two weeks but what is the actual time of delivery?

I and others have talked about some of these on another thread. Specifically Twice as Perfect but I’m also waiting on Bad City. Have you emailed BookishFirst?

They have never said a time for delivery of any book since I’ve been a member.

I mean the mail says that iin unlikely event if the book doesnt come in 2 weeks from shipping date, we need to send email. So I thought this means that generally it comes within 2 weeks or atleast that is expected.

Yes I did send them email. They have responded back as well that they would check with publisher. But I just wanted to know how long does it take generally?

It all depends on the book honestly some I’ve had to wait a couple weeks for usually before the publication date others I have gotten really quickly. Someone else who received another title from a few weeks ago mentioned they were a little behind.

It means if you haven’t received 2 weeks after the expected ship date, not the date you win the raffle. The only one of the books you’ve listed that is more than two weeks since the expected ship date is Twice as Perfect, and that’s only one day past the 2 weeks. The expected ship date for Send Her Back was only 3 days ago, which was the same day the raffle closed, so that’s honestly a bit ambitious for it to ship out that quickly anyway. I’ve rarely had the books arrive quickly, but they do always arrive. I wouldn’t stress about it!

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yes absolutely. I understand that its 2 week from ship date. Only 1 book has not arrived yet. I am not stressing about it. This is my first time with bookish first so I was just curious to know what and when to expect. thanks

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