Lessons from HipHop

Has anyone received this book yet?

Not yet. It doesn’t show as shipped yet. Hopefully soon.

Not here either. They say to contact them if you don’t have it 2 weeks after ship date, which was yesterday.

Still waiting for arrival…

Haven’t seen it yet. It’s going to be another one of those book I’ll have to skim to get a review to Amazon for them to putter over accepting again. I can count on only 100 points for the Amazon review. They don’t seem to like BookishFirst readers.All the other book reviews I sent the same time have been accepted by Amazon already, even some books reviewed after Lakesedge
have been accepted.

Still waiting. Today is publication day so I will notify them again. I can’t review it if I don’t have it.

I haven’t received it yet either.

Thanks! I received Lessons from Hip Hop today. Not sure if it’s too late to review on Amazon for extra points but I plan to read and review on as many sites as possible this weekend.

I got mine last week if that helps at all