March 2023 Bookish Bingo πŸ“—

Work on your reading goals this month with a new round of Bookish Bingo!

Share a shelfie and check off a square on your board before you even start reading.

If you share a completed bingo in the comments below before April 1, you’ll receive 20 bonus points!

Click here to read the rules and download your Bookish bingo card below. Make sure you share your progress with us by using #BookishBingo on social media. Let us know what books you’re reading for each prompt below! When you get a bingo, shout it out here.

March Bookish Bingo

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March Bookish Bingo Prompts: Title begins with M, Historical fiction, Published in March, Gold on the cover, Irish protagonist, Deaf protagonist, New-to-you genre, Set in spring, Flower in title, Graphic novel, Three word title, Heroine is a writer, free space, Third in a series, Green cover, Betrayal occurs, Local author, Key on the cover, Hero is a baker, TikTok book rec, Share a shelfie in the Forum, Character wins the lottery, Book you annotated or took notes on, Luck or lucky in title, Book in translation


Early!! I’m so excited to start planning!!


3rd row Bingo! Glad for the Free Space!!!

Three word title Our Missing Hearts Celeste Ng
Heroine is a writer Mother Daughter Traitor Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal
free space
Third in a series Best of Luck by Kate Clayborn
Green cover - An Immense Word by Ed Yong


Title begins with M: The Measure
Deaf protagonist: True Biz (Got this off a library hold just in time!)
Three word title: We’re All Lying
Betrayal occurs: Daisy Darker
Share a selfie: Share a Shelfie! - #18 by kdowli01

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I’m not doing bad so close to a bingo this month
This is my first time posting and joining the website. I’ve done a lot of the bingos before on social media.



β€œM” Title: Mexican Gothic (Silvia Moreno-Garcia)
New-To-Me Genre: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (James Patterson)
Baker Hero: The Story Behind The Smile (Lynn McMahon)
In Translation: The Pinata That The Farm Maiden Hung (Samantha Vamus)

impatiently waits for April’s Bingo to get posted so I can start scheming


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Title Begins with M- The Motion Picture Teller by Colin Cotterill
Three-word title- The Life Council by Laura Tremaine
Share a shelfie in the forum- Done
Historical fiction- Florence Adler Swims Forever by Rachel Beanland
New-to-you genre- Singer Distance by Ethan Chatagnier
Heroine is a writer- Quietly Hostile by Samantha Irby
Published in March- Now You See Us by Balli Kaur Jaswal
Gold on cover- The Half Moon by Mary Beth Keane
Irish protagonist- A Ballad of Love and Glory by Reyna Grande
Green cover- Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

Almost forgot to post this!

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This was a tough month! But I managed to read these for bingo:

Three-word title: The Neighbor Favor
Heroine is a writer: Behind the Scenes (screenwriter)
Free space
Third in a series: I Think I Might Want You
Green cover: By Way of Sorrow

That was a fun, fast win!


I have a few more days but wanted to post my finished board before I forget :slight_smile:

First Row Going Down:
Mistress of Mellyn - Title Begins With β€˜M’
Sign For Home - Deaf Protagonist
Resort To Love - Three Word Title
Under the Naga Tail - Betrayal Occurs
Share A Shelfie in the Foum

I went on vacation this month and it rained the whole time, so I read a lot, lol. I’m still working on one of these, but figure I will have it done by the end of the month. Now to go plan out April!