My book has still not arrived

Has anyone received their copy of Humor Me by Cat Shook? Today marks 4 weeks since it supposedly shipped out and I still have not received my copy. I have emailed bookish first and they said they would reach out to the publisher. This is the second time this happened and I want to know if this is happening to anyone else.

I haven’t gotten it either

i didn’t get it, but my twin did weeks ago. i reached out to bookishfirst and they said there were issues with the send out and it was sent earlier this week. hopefully we all get it soon!

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I have not received mine either, but just sent an email about it today. This is the second book I have won and the last one was also very delayed.

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I’m still waiting as well but hopefully it will arrive soon.

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Same here. BookishFirst is usually great at working with the publishers to get the book to us before the pub date, but this one seems to have issues. I still haven’t gotten mine yet, but I do think it’s weird that my twin has gotten it and many of us haven’t.


I have had books take a while to arrive but never this long . I am still hopeful however. I hope your copy arrives soon as well.

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I finally just got my copy yesterday and of course I won’t finish it in 2 days for the extra 300 points. Yet I saw some people got theirs a month ago. Not quite fair and the author shouldn’t take on such a huge amount if they cant handle it.

Just so you’re aware I think you get a week to post your review to Amazon - it’s under the FAQs as “300 points for posting a review to Amazon up to seven days after publication”, I’m a slower reader so I often don’t make it exactly on the date of publication but usually I can get it done within the week! Still not exactly fair, but you might have a better shot with the extra week.

I didn’t know this! Thanks so much!

Are others still waiting on this? Mine still has not arrived!

Yes, I am still waiting. I reached out to BookishFirst last week and they said they would contact the publisher. However, I have not heard anything else.

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