Physical copies vs ebooks

So with all of the new books on my TBR, I obviously can’t go out and buy them all. So, thanks to the library and other amazing apps, I borrow them that way.
Then, if I really like the series, I will put it on my list to buy a physical copy. Just me or do people actually go out and buy all the different books they have on their TBR? Also, if you do buy them, where do you work bc I totally need that kind of job! And are there other apps you use? Not to pirate the books, of course, but legitimate ones? Do you use publishers websites or author pages?


I definitely don’t buy every book on my tbr. I rarely purchase a book that I haven’t read before. I don’t love to put money and storage space to something I’ll read once, it just feels so wasteful. The library is my BFF. :smiley: (but just…don’t tell my bff)

Times when I will actually buy a book:

  • supporting an indie shop / local place. I budget every month to have money to spend on books from a local youth run used bookshop called More Than Words, mainly just to support them

  • nonfiction books that I want a physical copy to easily flip through to re-read facts, chapters, or just interesting pieces (ex. Invisible Women)

  • it’s a debut or self-published book and I want to support the author (ex. K-Pop Idol Diaries by Go Futa. If you liked K-Pop Confidential, you’ll probably like this one too!)

  • I re-read the book fairly often. Gotta have it on hand if it’s THAT good!! (Ex. Foul is Fair and Furiously Happy)

I signed up for Book of the Month last year and I haven’t loved most of the books I’ve gotten. Now I’m stuck debating whether I should donate them or something, even though I subscribe to get them… ;p

As for apps and places I get books: the library via Libby / Overdrive and hoopla are my main sources, and ARCs on Booksirens, NetGalley, etc. are basically the other half of my reading. If you like comics, WebToon is a great app for that as well. Punderworld started there!


As a teacher who has to spend lots of time in front of a computer, I prefer physical copies of books. Need to give my eyes a rest.


I do buy all mine. My library is small and doesn’t have much, and I just have trouble getting into ebooks for some reason. I keep a running list of release dates of favorite series/authors. For series I know I enjoy I’ll buy the new book right away. For new books that I’m interested in I usually wait until I can look through it and get an idea if it sounds good, or see if I can eventually get it cheaper at a used book site or my local used book store or library sale. I’ve even got lucky and won books on my list a few times.

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I have a ton of books on my TBR, but I only buy the more important ones. That still means I have a couple hundred I’ve purchased that I haven’t read. I can’t read ebook copies because I get really bad headaches and I just can’t concentrate on them. And I only have access to a library three months out of a year. But I hate library copies because I never know where they’ve been, so I just buy my own books.

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I buy my books at Goodwill and They both have good cheap books. You may not get newly released books for $5 but if you wait a few months then the prices drop. Goodwill is great for stockpiling books for winter.


You can get free hard copies through Adopt a Book on Facebook. You’ll have to pay media rate shipping, but that can go pretty low if you get multiple books from the same person. I just got a copy of House on the Cerulean Sea from there.


Omg you rock! That’s really cool!

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There are two used bookstores I check out for books. Plus, Ollie’s (bargain / surplus store) gets a lot of books and sells them cheap. Their stickers are a pain to get off sometimes. I’m also on a ton of email lists for ebooks on sale. One for audiobooks. I do have a membership on Audible but I hold onto credits until they have their 3 for 1 credit deal. And during the pandemic, I learned I could check out ebooks and audiobooks from my library through an app. But I will pay full price for hardcover, new releases I really, really want to have in my personal library.

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I do buy physical copies of some of my favorite authors/series to add their new books to my shelves after reading, lol probably should stop as all my bookcases are overflowing. I like Book Outlet when they have sales, been finding their prices on lots of brand new books are cheaper than sites I’ve searched for a used version. Totally agree with the comment about Ollie’s Bargain Outlet for finding gems here & there, usually $3-4 for recently released books. Also will use my library for the ones I don’t want to buy.

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I know that several of my local libraries have bookstores and I’ve gotten some fantastic deals at those. My county library does huge book sales quarterly where their already low prices are 50% off. You can get relatively current hardback books for $0.75! Another local library does monthly sales where you pay per tote bag, whatever you can fit into a tote is a flat rate, I can’t remember exactly what it is, but it’s extremely cheap. Those two sales locations are the reason I have 150 unread books sitting in my guest room right now! lol


I love the physical book. The way is feels in my hands, the smell of the book (new or used) and watching my progress through the book. No harsh light (which gives me migraines). ebooks just don’t seem personable to me.