Pick Your Perfect BookishFirst Shelf

Shelf #3 because Cassandra Clare is my favorite author and I have been wanting to try and read chain of gold

I’ll have to go with number 5 because I loved The Whisper Man. That was hard!


Shelf 6 will do nicely

Definitely difficult, but I’m going with Shelf 3!

This is so hard, i think shelf 3

Hard one! Shelf 6 I think.

Shelf Two. I loved the book and shared it with a group of people.

Shelf 2 I loved and shared this book!

Shelf 2 or 6. That’s a tough one.

Ohhh this is a tough one - I’d say shelf one!

They all look good, shelf #4

Why choose only one? but Shelf 4 is winning

Shelf number 3 is my pick