Question about Earning Points!

Question: I have been reviewing books, and posting reviews on websites and I am not earning any points. Is it because I am at 2600 points and until I use them I will not get anymore?

You can earn points for any book you post a review on to Bookishfirst but you have only 3 months after the pub date to share your review on other platforms in order to earn points. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I reviewed a book I won today ( I won found from last week. ) and my points were not added.

I have found that sometimes my points don’t credit if I use the same browser to do multiple entries. So now I close the tab, open BookishFirst again, and enter links separately each time. That seems to work.

No, I’ve got a ton more points than that and it hasn’t been a problem. Never saw anything that’s said there’s a limit on how many points you can accrue.

Was it Found? That book published a couple years ago…I won it and didn’t get points for reviewing and I think that;s why. :frowning:

Oh! That really helped! There is really no point in reviewing old books then! Well, there is but I understand why I wasnt getting points I thought I should be awarded! That all makes much more sense now! Thanks for the help