Received book yet?

Has anyone received How to Find What You’re Not Looking For yet? Was supposed to ship out on August 30th?

I’m still waiting for it here in AZ.

I’m still waiting on mine as well.

I believe it was delayed, I also won.

I just checked and it says shipping today! Thank you! Have a great day!

I checked the date on the site today and this book gets shipped tomorrow on pub day. I’ve heard many books, including text books, have been delayed.

I got my book today!! So excited to read The Other Merlin!

Also waiting for mine :pensive: nada so far

No, I am also still waiting. (Western USA)

I received my book today thru UPS! And, it is a hardback book! I am in Kansas so maybe everyone will get theirs soon!

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has anyone recieved their copy of skyhunter yet? its been almost 3 weeks since it was supposed to ship out and i haven’t heard anything!

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I was getting ready to ask the same thing. I used my points on it and I’m gettin kinda bummed it’s not here yet

actually, i just checked the shipping date and they changed it to today!

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Thank you for the update! I’m glad I’m not the only one waiting, but now I know why lol

There’s a lot of delay in the Printing and Bindery world right now. Partially due to the shutdown during the pandemic. They are trying to play catch up as best they can. Lots of publishing dates have been pushed back. One book I contributed to through Kickstarter was supposed to publish Sept 7th. It’s still not back from the Printer and Binder yet. But atleast I had the ebook to read in the meantime. :heart:


I came here to ask that question too. I haven’t seen anything.

I just got my copy of Skyhunter today. I live in Kansas so hopefully y’all will get yours soon as well


Today I received my copy of Skyhunter, I live in Illinois.

I received my copy of Skyhunter today!

Has anyone gotten their copy of Little Thieves yet?