Social media: regular account or separate book account?

For those who use sites like twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook, do you use your main/regular account or did you make a separate “public” account? Pros and cons of each option?

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Mine use to be a regular account…and once i decided to bookstagram i just changed my username and made it such. I don’t keep two accounts because I know I won’t keep up with both and the reason I made a bookstagram account is because I was tired of instagram and the non social aspect of absolutely nobody making conversation. Now I talk to bookworms all the time and I like it. I made it public and don’t really share pics of my kids and if i do it’s in Stories.


I have joined a couple of book groups on Facebook but have not started to use them yet. I used my regular account. I see no reason to use a separate account. I’d be interested to know why people use separate accounts for book communities. Are they embarrassed to use their real names? Why?

Nothing to do with embarrassment or real names or anything like that.

For things like posting reviews, etc. my reasons would be that my real life friends don’t give a crap and I don’t want to flood their feeds.

I also just prefer to have my personal accounts private and friends-only because that’s the norm/expectation in my work field.

This is only an issue for posts (reviews/pics), cause for joining groups that’s doable even on a private account.

I have separate Facebook accounts for personal and blog/reviews. This way my personal account is private. Neither of my Twitter and Instagram accounts are private news oriented.

I have completely separate accounts for my book blogging. Insta, Twitter, Facebook page etc. I just want my private life private and my book stuff public.

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I haven’t done it yet but I think when I do it will be separated from my personal account on any forum.

I have a personal Instagram account where I post pictures of family, friends and anything else. Then I have a public Instagram account where it’s strictly books. I didn’t start this until last year when I realized my newsfeed was a mix and I thought that I’d prefer to have one dedicated to books. On my book account, I do not follow private accounts, only public book accounts. And I prefer to follow accounts where they only post book posts and don’t mix with personal family/friend pictures or their travels. Because when I log on, I only want to see books, read book reviews, talk books, et cetera. And having a book only account has opened so many doors for me for advanced readers copies.

At first, I had my accounts curated to books only but I found myself wanting to connect and have support on not only my hobbies but my healing journey as well.
Sometimes I talk books, sometimes I talk real life, it’s been a good balance for me because I decide when to speak on which. I’ve found quite a bit of support via Twitter and some of the other online platforms that I didn’t have in real life. Social media has made me feel seen and heard, it’s been more of a blessing than a disgrace to me.

I created a separate public account on instagram

I use a second, public book themed Instagram, but my personal Facebook and Twitter. I just like having the separate insta because I can follow certain tags and I have a few publishers that follow me as well. I think I did that mostly because most of the people I know on my social media aren’t really readers/don’t have good convos with me about books, so I wanted to meet some like-minded book buddies!

I wanted to make a book account, but sadly I feel like no one would follow it lol

My IG account is for books, crafts, and pets/foster pets. I thought about having separate accounts but don’t really feel like keeping up with more than one.

If you make a bookstagram I’ll follow you! Bookish pages like to share the love and follow each other, in my experience anyway!

I appreciate it. I may do it, still have to work on building my personal library first

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it is better to use a separate account for social networks. Because this is a business account.