Suggest a Bookish Bingo Prompt!

July (or even August ideas)

  • Summer romance
  • Summer school
  • Summer/family vacation gone wrong
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A book that takes place in Japan (A nod to the Olympics)
A Classic
A Genre Out of Your Comfort Zone
A Book You Have Had for Over a Year
Part of a Series

Future month bookish bingo prompt idea(s):

  • mid-serial: read a book in a new series (trilogies have only one option=the middle one) other than the first and last.
  • memoir
  • novel with bonus short story
  • find a book to enjoy that has only disappointed everyone else who has rated it thus far (i don’t know if this is possible :wink: but it sounds fun)
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-Tried it again (a book you started over a year ago, but for whatever reason never finished)
-Based on a fairy tale
-A translated book
-A crime mentioned in title
-Includes recipes, not a cookbook
-Reread a book from your childhood
-Book of essays
-A Canadian book

A book published by a small or university press.

A book with a group of people who want to change how their society is ran like in the hunger games as one example

  • Set in home state
  • Dystopian or new world order
  • Book translated from another language to English
  • Character owns or frequents a small business
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Yellow book spine
Number in the title
Starts with the
Purchased Second Hand
Won in a giveaway

A color in the title
A number in the title
A borrowed book (Borrowed from a friend or the library)
A classic
A graphic novel
Based on fairy tales
A retelling
A contemporary
A book with less than 200 pages
A book that takes place in a school (School will be starting back up again for college kids and in some states in August)
A reread
An old favorite
A book with magic

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Animal on the cover
Non-fiction book
Celebrity author

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A book featuring a LGBTQ character
A female heroine who saves the day despite what her male characters say about it

November suggestions:

  • Book with a fictional president.
  • Biography or autobiography about a past president.
  • Book featuring Native American character or a book by a Native American author.
  • Book with a member of the military as the protagonist.
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November ideas-
Cozy mystery
Family at the center of the book
Camping or hunting

Ideas I’ve had include…
~ Candy in the title or on the cover
~ Fantasy/sci-fi portals
~ Mermaids!
~ No love-triangle

A title that begins with a c and is a young adult themed book

-A book centered around a winter holiday
-A book with Snow in the title
-A classic
-A book to help finish your reading goals
-A book with 20 in the title

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For February

  • book with a red cover
  • book with a heart on the cover
  • book about best friends
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Illustrated cover
Number in the title
Written by a POC
Icy Cover
Curl up under a blanket and read

-Food on the cover
-Woman on the cover or female lead (for Women’s history month in March)
-book by an author you have enjoyed before

For March 2021:

– As we are at the first anniversary of the shut-down, I suggest a book that deals with a notable passage of time, anniversary, or commemoration.
– A book with colorful spring pastels on the cover!

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