The Newlyweds Window

Has anybody received The Newlyweds Window yet? I don’t think I’m the only one waiting so I figured I’d reach out and ask.

I have not. I reached out to BookishFirst to let them know and they said they would check with the publisher.

I’m also not sure if there was a mix-up since it’s the same publisher for Send Her Back, and I received two copies of that book. I don’t know if they accidentally sent me two of that and didn’t send The Newlyweds’ Window or what.

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I’ve received my copy, the day after I posted my review for it. Amazon published the book July 5th. I posted my review July 27th, long after the week we get to post on Amazon and get the 300 points, so I only got 100 points. Here’s the thing: BookishFirst’s estimated shipping date was also July 5th. So, I’m asking if anybody got the book and posted their review before July 11th? I read the book on Netgalley and even that wouldn’y have helped me read it before July 11th. Did anybody get the 300 Amazon points?

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Nope. I’m still waiting. I also reached out to BookishFirst on July 25th. I’m not sure what’s going on. This is the 3rd book that’s been late after the publishing date. So, I’m a little irritated about missing out on the 300 points too.


I’m still waiting on my copy too.

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Same. I even had one book never show up.

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I’m still waiting for my copy too. I reached out for the second time today to the helpdesk.

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Thanks to y’all for replying! I was worried I was just being obsessive but it’s nice to know it’s a common issue

I am still waiting as well. I’ve reached out to bookish first twice to check in (weeks apart) and was told they’d contact the publisher.

I finally received my copy today, so hopefully they will be arriving for everyone soon! It was shipped on August 22nd, so I’m thinking maybe the publisher just forgot.

I received mine on Friday 8/26!

I’m in Nebraska and received mine last week.

I finally received my copy! :slight_smile:

Thank you to everybody for replying! I’m still waiting on mine, so it looks like I’ll be contacting them again