The Wrong Kind of Weird

It appears other people have received this book but I have not. I know the publishing date is soon and I would like to have time to finish it by January 3rd.

Yeah I did get the book and, as it was a really fast read, had the review up the next day. While I don’t know how long it takes you to read a book, when you get it, you shouldn’t have any issues reading it fast. As I am fairly new to the site (my first book was Locust Lane) I don’t know about issues, problems, hey, I didn’t even realize all the points you could get and all. Are there usually shipping problems? Do publishers mail books out in groups. As this book is up for release soon, actually, publishers sending them in different groups sounds sensical so reviews go up periodically as it gets closer to the release date. I know though, that if I didnt get a book on the date due, it would make me nervous and make me wonder if I was going to get it at all. Then, you never are able to know if the error is on the publishers part, of the mail? That is a big issue for me as I live in inner city Cleveland and where I live, my mail is collected by a front office. The first time I had a book I won from Goodreads come here, when I asked them, when the books was very late, past the date I would expect it to even come late, if it came…the worker stopped, was like, yeah we got a book a few days ago. Then he went into this song and dance story about why they had opened it, kept it, and were reading it themself, behind the front desk. And, I had actually won a signed copy by the author and they were just throwing it around before I had even seen it. They really ruined the book being nice. Regardless if the package had no address on it (and how is that even possible as how would the post office know where tom deliver it) and, when you are delivered a package, even if you had accidentially opened it in err, you are supposed to return it to the mailman and post office if it is not yours! I was raised to believe opening mail was kind of sacred and you didnt touch others as it was a big deal not to. (my grandpa was a postal carrier). And, even though I ship this account to my husbands work address to ensure I get them, I suspect my husbands boss has kept several shipments on the days my husband does not work. Because my husband has never gone to work and had a package from the day before sit (and I have a lot of books mailed there. for months, for that to be possible, really). I feel as though, everywhere I go, anywhere I can send mail to, people just want to keep it for themselves and they are not even readers! This is a crazy story…I was sent 10 copies of a signed book about Medicare to raffle off for the readers of a free paper I write for. Well, when they came, he badgered me for multiple copies all so he could display them in his house. Not to read them, he has no person he knows that will be on Medicare (as they are rich immigrants and have parents w/ a good job). No, he wants his “display” of books, to have them sit and look good, as if several copies of a book you never read will look good altogether. And, just having books for display, taking my books I love to read just to show them off in his $800,000 house. People are so selfish when we are struggling and really, these books are my luxury enjoyment items that I have never been more grateful to recieve. If you ever get to hear multiple stories, I really always have off the wall things happen to me that no person wants to believe is true (like the rich, selfish, free book thief my husband works for) or the people who work in the front office where I live and open mail (espeically a signed copy of the book) and then read it right there, at the front desk like it was their mail. I mean even if you opened a package and realized it wasn’t yours…who just takes the item and uses it like it was? I am beginning to hate the fact that everywhere, in almost every facet of my life I am surrounded by rich store owners who steal mail (you think he would be happy for me, that I could get books I love and want to review, which I need to review or will no longer win) or workers who take my mail as their own! Anyway, don’t know where I was going with the post, actually have an overdue column I should be writing, guess I just needed to vent. Anyway, Im sure that your copy will be there soon. If I could make a guess it would be like I said. The publisher sends them out in groups so that reviews are always going up closer to publishing date. Hopefully it will be before the third! Have a great holiday and I am hopinh your copy comes soon!

I found the book! It was hidden among our Christmas presents! :rofl::roll_eyes:

I generally don’t have shipping problems with books from here. I follow the Thank you my book has arrived thread to know when to expect books.

Really? Did someone get the mail and assume that it was a gift? I am so glad you got it and let me know what you think. Definitely not my favorite read but I find that YA books like this are very different than the ones I read, 20 years ago. Yeah, Im pretty old. Anyway, it reminded me of another book I read recently and a newer teen YA called Love Radio, IDK if your familiar? Just wondering, when you are finished w/ Weird answer this, for me, if you can…do all books in this genre/ YAish, are they along the same lines…where teens take all this time and put a lot of thought in their decisions? I feel like teens, if they really do act and think like these books, they are a lot different than my generation and even the books we had to read, at the time, were not like this. Love Radio was alone the same lines. I guess I get this feel that kids now, in these books, are presented like they have a good head on their shoulders, make good decisions, have normal worries but, for the most part, are fairly confident w/ themselves. But then, these books are written by a whole different generation than those that wrote mine…they just seem so…grounded and reasonable. Well, hope you enjoy the book. I am sure you will agree it was a pretty fast read. Have a Happy Christmas! I am waiting on the Hermes Protocol. Im getting worried only because usually I get my book 3-4 days after the post date. But, I have only ever won two books (fairly new member) so I guess I might be do for my first “issue” or wait. lol