Twice as Perfect/Dual Copy

I have already sent an email to support but is anyone else still waiting for Twice as Perfect? The shipping date says July 1st and there have been no new updates. I signed up for informed delivery and got a notification I had a second book coming. Instead of it being Twice as Perfect I received another copy of Bad City. Has anyone else ever had this happen? @bookishfirst_team

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I also received 2 copies of bad city and I am still waiting for twice as perfect

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BookishFirst must have done that on purpose then. Your the second person that’s said you have gotten two copies. I’ve emailed them again about Twice as Perfect.

On purpose ? Strange. I have also sent them an email asking if I should return the extra copy.
Thanks for your reply.

I have no idea if they did on purpose but it is odd that a couple people have now said they have gotten two copies. If you get a reply please post their response. I have been on this site a while like I mentioned in a different thread and never received two copies of the same book.

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I also got 2 copies of Bad City and am still waiting for several others.

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Did you happen to email them at all?

I’ve emailed them this morning. I have emailed them several times over the past few weeks regarding books that haven’t been received. They are probably sick of me lol.

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Lol someone else who emailed them said they seemed a little behind. If you hear anything back please post in the thread. I will do the same if I get a response!

They just responded and said they’d check with the publisher.

I received the same response.

I just got a second copy of Bad City as well.

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So odd! I also received a second copy of Bad City and I’m waiting on Twice as Perfect.

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When I emailed them the other day they apologized about the delay. They mentioned they would check with the publisher and as far as Bad City goes they said they would let the publisher know but to give the second copy to a friend who might enjoy it. I would also recommend signing up for informed delivery though the post office. Others have recommended it and since BookishFirst doesn’t give out tracking details it’s a great way to find out when you have books coming. It’s also free.

I’m also waiting for Twice As Perfect. I was actually going to email them this week because the book is coming out tomorrow.

I’ve emailed them as well as others and they said they would check with the publisher.

I also received two copies (sent separately) of BAD CITY. I did not win a copy of Twice as Perfect.

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Did you ever send them an email? They have told me they would check with the publisher but I checked shipping and it still lists Twice as Perfect as July 1st.

I got my hardback of the full novel today. It’s not an ARC but I’ll review it.

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The books are not always ARC’s it depends on the book.