Welcome to the BookishFirst Forum!

Dear BookishFirst Readers,

Welcome to the brand new BookishFirst Forum! :tada: We’re so glad you’re here. Our intention is to create a space where readers can connect with each other, as well as publishers and authors, to share in our common love of books. :books:

We’ll be posting helpful topics related to your BookishFirst experience (such as when raffle books will ship, Top Review Award winners, opportunities for bonus points, etc) as well as recurring fun activities (like Bookish Bingo and Reading Challenges).

Plus, we’ll offer special events—including Bonus Giveaways only in the Forum! :star_struck: Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new giveaways.

Now that you’re here: go explore! And don’t be shy: You can start a new topic to post pictures & gifs, create polls, and chat with your fellow readers. Here are a few conversation starters to help break the ice :wink: Just be sure to follow the Forum Guidelines to keep this a respectful, safe, and fun place for all. :heart:

And don’t forget to invite your favorite bookish friends to join us :handshake: (Plus if you use your referral code, you’ll both receive 100 bonus points!)

As always, if you have any questions for the BookishFirst Team, just email us at BookishFirstHelp@bookish.com and we’ll reply to you quickly.

Thanks so much!
The BookishFirst Team


Hi. I just responded to two forums conversations and entered the raffle. lol I love this idea of a forum. It is a great idea to get to know people reading the same book or just recommending a book to someone. Im looking forward to getting to know other readers from bookishfirst.


Me too! Such a great idea.

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Hi. Grimreader. (Ilike your name). Its funny, I was feeling kind of lonely here at BOOKISHFIRST.com and was going to leave but i just couldn’t leave the books they offer behind. I love thier choices. Lol. I guess i wanted to read the books and talk to other people who have also claimed/won books. Lol. I’m so happy they did this.

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Hi Jolo815! I am so glad they did this forum too. It’s such a great way to talk to other book lovers and bibliophiles!
Thanks for saying you like my name. It’s actually the name of a book I own and I just thought it was so clever.
I also really really love the book choices BookishFirst offers!! Have you seen the 3 upcoming picks that were just posted (and can be reviewed in 10 days)? OMG!! Sooooo good!! I want them all!!! Lol.

Just found the new forum & I think this is terrific! Great to see many discussions already as well as other fun things to participate in. Love all things BookishFirst and looking forward to being a part of this!

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