What does everyone think about their current "review" book?

Okay. Just got my third book to review, The Hermes Protocol. And, it came the day after I saw others getting it so I was relieved. It really looked and sounded like a good book, from the excerpt I read. But, when I started the book and even now, about seventy pages in, it just didn’t give me the excitement I thought to find, that I expected. Is anyone reading it who feels the same? And, I was wondering if anyone was reading the other choice, Made of Stars and what they thought of that book. Because, from the excerpt they gave readers, I thought the book sounded all over the place, from how they laid it out, there. If anyone wants to see what I thought check out my impressions cause after I read the excerpt, I felt I was left with many open-ended questions and felt that the book, from the excerpt, took off in some many areas and just ended or went sideways. Since they are a good publisher, not even a self published book I did not think that the book would present all these points in the story and then not even meet them. For instance, they speak of Shane with his sights set on their biggest job but when the couple finds out they need to save their planet, how can they get to this big job? I just thought the excerpt probably was not well written. I wanted to know, the readers who chose or had the choice made for them of what they would read, if Made of Stars was good, what they thought of the book. And, actually I’m sure both are about on point and the same, read wise. Since I was excited about both books this week I worked extra hard to win points enough to get the book all week long and then found out you can only win one per week. And, while I really would have liked to read both, since there are so many members, it makes things fair and lets more people be able to read. If anyone else is still reviewing a book from another win, share it hear as I’d like to think what others think. When I joined quite recently and won Locust Lane I thought every book I was going to read here would be the most popular ones to be published. The next week I won, The Right Kind of Weird and while it was okay, it wasn’t on par with my “best of the best” beliefs of what I thought about the books we would get. But, I love that we will read books that are all over the place, different genres, good and bad, because every book, to me, is a treasure in the making for someone out there. As I have said more than enough, do others have any comments on what they are reading right now for review?

Mt “review” book is “The Davenports.” It’s getting off to a slow start, but I have high hopes for it!

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I loved the Davenports! I tend to really like POV chapters anyway but I loved the siblings and their friends’ relationships with one another.

Thanks for the heads up…it’s already started getting better

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