What Happened to All the Books to Review?

I am a little disappointed. When I first joined the site, there were two books each week to write insights about and try and win in the raffle. Now, this week there is only one and next week it doesnt seem there is one at all. Is this normal or is there a reason we are getting less books to review and raffle? I really am enjoying the site, love it and being a part of the community. I am looking forward to receiving the first book I have to review that I won in a raffle!
Thanks everyone for your time! Hope there are more books coming soon!

This week there is no new raffle due to the holiday. There tend to be fewer raffles toward the end of the year (in my opinion). But I’m sure there will be great books in the new year!! :slight_smile: Congrats on winning your first raffle!

Thanks! You know what, with the year end wrapping up and all the holidays, I should have known! I just didn’t want to hear that things were changing as this site is really fun, I am so glad I found it and became a member! Sorry, that I’m just getting the hang of things. This is actually one of my favorite sites on the Internet. Have a great holiday everyone!