What's your reading goal for 2023

I’ve recently gotten back into reading.
Kindle really helps me read once a day, just to get beat my current reading streak.
I’ve been reading books of all types of genres.


I read almist every genre but am not a big fan of fantasy or scifi. I am setting a goal of 125 books for 2023 since I will have alot of time on my hands next summer. I’m at my 106th book this year.

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My goal this year is only 100 books (the past 2 years have reached about 300 read/listened to). I want to read more physical books.

I work on my homestead so I can get through many more books than is reasonable for most people. I’m hoping to get to 300 books this year, which would coincide with getting a blackout on the bingo each month. In addition, I want to fit in Authors A-Z and Titles Starting with A-Z+#. I try to fit in books on my existing TBR, but I find the Bingo each month challenges me to pick books and genres outside my comfort zone!

I love to savor the books that I’m reading, but I’m not a fast reader, and I work Mons thru Fridays. I have always set my reading goal as 25 books a year, i.e. about 2 books a month, then I upped my challenge to 26 books for the past 3 years, and for 2023, I challenged myself to read 29 books… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


I am setting a goal of 100 books for 2023.

I’m good aiming for 50. If I can do more that’s even better.

I’m aiming for 200, my goal in 2022 was 150 and I hit 191 so I think it’s attainable. My reading is all over too but my favorite will always be anything with dragons.

I’m not a fast reader, and I have set my reding goal of 29 books for 2023…