What's your reading goal for 2023

I’ve recently gotten back into reading.
Kindle really helps me read once a day, just to get beat my current reading streak.
I’ve been reading books of all types of genres.


I read almist every genre but am not a big fan of fantasy or scifi. I am setting a goal of 125 books for 2023 since I will have alot of time on my hands next summer. I’m at my 106th book this year.

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My goal this year is only 100 books (the past 2 years have reached about 300 read/listened to). I want to read more physical books.

I work on my homestead so I can get through many more books than is reasonable for most people. I’m hoping to get to 300 books this year, which would coincide with getting a blackout on the bingo each month. In addition, I want to fit in Authors A-Z and Titles Starting with A-Z+#. I try to fit in books on my existing TBR, but I find the Bingo each month challenges me to pick books and genres outside my comfort zone!

I love to savor the books that I’m reading, but I’m not a fast reader, and I work Mons thru Fridays. I have always set my reading goal as 25 books a year, i.e. about 2 books a month, then I upped my challenge to 26 books for the past 3 years, and for 2023, I challenged myself to read 29 books… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


I am setting a goal of 100 books for 2023.

I’m good aiming for 50. If I can do more that’s even better.

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I’m aiming for 200, my goal in 2022 was 150 and I hit 191 so I think it’s attainable. My reading is all over too but my favorite will always be anything with dragons.

I’m not a fast reader, and I have set my reding goal of 29 books for 2023…

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I had a goal last year of 250 books, which I thought would be a stretch. I clearly had no concept of how fast I read because I finished the year at 583. LOL. So, since 250 is clearly not high enough for me, I’ve set my goal for this year at 500. As of last night, I’ve finished 46 books. According to Storygraph, I’m 7 books behind schedule, but my husband and I also moved out of our apartment in the first step of our move to FL at the end of this month, so I’m blaming that. LOL.

Also, for those wondering how I could read that many books last year, there are 2 big reasons:

  1. I was able to listen to audiobooks while I was working
  2. My free time is spent reading
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My goal was 200 books for this year but I’m already on 165 books so I think I’m going to have to raise my target.

I’ll probably look at 365 for now, though depending on how quick I keep reading I might raise it again.


Last year I read over 100 books then I took a hiatus. I’m getting back into reading and my bookstagram so I’m hoping to read around 25 this year.

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Love the goal setting! Last year I made it a point to read 12 books a month (so 144 total) which I smashed! Goodreads, said I ended my year with having read a little over 48,000 pages. I decided this year to lower my book count to 10 a month, but up my page count and hopefully end the year with 50,000 pages under my belt. :grin:


Mine is tiny only 30 but I will probably go over it I always set it low because sometimes life gets busy or you can’t get as many books as you like


My goal is 50 books in 2023. So far, I’ve read 24. Three friends from my writing group are doing it, too. Comraderie/accountability in reading works as well as in writing.

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I want to get up to 50 books this year! As I just got back from a few surgeries and am relearning to love reading, and don’t wanna burn out.