Won't accept Amazon review

I keep trying to share the link for my Amazon review and I keep getting an error message “Oops! There was a problem with the saving process. Can you have a look at each of the fields below and make sure that everything is fine?”

Followed down below by “Please enter a valid Amazon URL”

I have tried copying and pasting from the email I received from Amazon, the link from the page itself, I’ve tried everything. The link is valid, if I paste it into the address bar, it goes right to my review. So what do I do???

Hey there, the only thing I can think might be happening is with the link. I found this on a post from December when the way you have to post links from Amazon was updated. It sounds like this is the way you’re doing it, but just to make sure!

“I recently received an email saying my points for sharing to Amazon would all be deleted if I didn’t update my links by December 8th. Apparently we need to link specifically to our review, not the amazon review page for the book (Wait until Amazon approves the review → Accounts and Lists → Profile (under Ordering and Shopping Preferences) → Find the review in question → Click “See More” → Copy/Paste the URL)”

Thanks for your effort! Unfortunately, that’s what I’m doing though. Hope someone from the team gets back to me so I can figure out the problem.

I found it takes a few day’s for the review to be approved- then you need to go to that url that takes you to a page that isn’t the book at all just the review.

It’s hard I’ve had a few rejected and lost points despite reviewing. I even got blocked by amazon for reviewing for a spell :confused: