A Review of Nightbirds

Just got an email from Penguin YA on my Goodreads page. It was actually about a review I did from a book on this site, Nightbirds. Well, they asked to use my review in an Instagram promotion of the book and I was really excited about it as nothing like that has ever really happened to me! Sad thing is, don’t really have many people IRL to share that with as when I called my husband, since he is at work, he didnt have anything to say, really (makes me want to reexamine my life, lol). Anyway, I made sure to tell Penguin YA that the reason for the review was this site as I really enjoy what we do here and I want publishers to know what a good idea this site is. And, I wanted to thank BookishFirst for making something this cool happen as my review will be seen and shared with a lot of people and, had I not had to get some points…!!


Wow, thank you so much for sharing! We really appreciate your kind words and we think this is so cool! :heart:

That’s so cool, congrats :smiley: :tada:

this is what’s crazy though. like a day before, i read you guys sharing your instagram stuff. so i started my page. so i have an instagram page that is like 4 days old. does anyone have some advice or help for building a page cause i never joined cause i never really got instagram. as you guys can tell i like to talk. and, anything w/ limits…not for me. but i signed cause you guys made me realize the importance of social media, not just what i like…

also, i tried to get some of the tags left here to work when i signed up, so i could friend or whatever they call it there but it didnt work…anyone who leaves there tag here i need to friends cause all i have is the 3 stupid ones i had to start out with really and one other on here i could find

what is your IG name? mine is https://www.instagram.com/themoonphoenix/

My tips are:
Have fun, SHARE the content you like, try to forget the algorithm
Search for accounts with similar interest to yours
comment on their posts and return the comments they leave on yours

jeneanejanevanderhoof Do you put an @ beforehand?

Instagram has an algorithm? Why do people care about it? While I know a person couldnt review all sites, I understand there is an algorithm, I don’t really know much about what it looks for, stuff like that…I’m sure its popular stuff but I am the kind of person who would share what I like. Maybe its better not to know about the algorithm so that I am in no way swayed by it? Whatever it is. really? I fell so stupid saying this, lol

Well, people take the time to take a good photo and write something, they want others to see it. I also think it is linked to the fact that 2021/2020 and before your posts show to your followers and now Instagram promotes posts that they think you might like instead of showing the ones you already follow. Instagram has changed, now they are promoting more trends to original content.

Congratulations- I think that’s a huge honor!

that cool though. so if you dont have lots of friends and followers people will still see your page and find things they like…not too bad, i guess thxs

i know. i was shocked, trust me. I was like why did I get a message from Penguin YA on Goodreads? Wasnt expecting that.

Got my copy of Nightbirds a few days ago. That was pretty cool. If anyone happens to see the campaign start, let me know. And thank you to everyone who has followed my page! That was really cool of everyone!