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April Bookish Bingo prompts: Review a BookishFirst book, Published in April, Four word title, Library book, No characters on the cover, Theme of saving the Earth, Focus on sibling relationship, Moon on cover, Made you laugh out loud, Poetry or verse novel, Protagonist with autism, Character thought to be dead is alive, Free space, Four star read, TItle begins with A, Includes a prologue, Title begins with T, Buddy read, Author you’ve read before, Read while traveling, Published 10+ years ago, Pastel cover, Adapted, Novella, Fourth in a series


@bookishfirst_team I hate to be a bother but can you share the square version here too, please? Thank you so much!

This one is so pretty I love it!

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By author you read “ONCE” before mean an author you LITERALLY ONLY READ ONE BOOK BEFORE?

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Where is the list of bookish first books to review

Just review any prior raffle book or if you get a new book thru raffle or claim, be sure to write a review. :wink:

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This is how I interpreted it, a book by an author you’ve read one previous book of.

Here’s the Instagram Square size and Instagram Story Template size :grinning:


I took that square [Author you’ve read once before] as any author I have read before, not just once.


thanks so much!! I really appreciate it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What does adapted mean in this context? Like a book that was adapted into a movie?

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You can review any of the books they’ve offered. You don’t need to win a copy to do it. If you can get a copy through the library or wherever you normally get your books, you can still review on the book’s page. Just go through the list and click on the book you’re interested in. List is here: Books | BookishFirst


That was my first thought - movie or tv show.

On the actul website theres a whole bunch you can review

I’m so glad I just won my first BookishFirst ARC to review, perfect timing! I’ve planned out all my books except one (well, three). Any recs for “Character Thought to be Dead is Alive?”

Here is what I’m thinking:

  1. Library Book: Watchmen

  2. Buddy Read: Fair Play

  3. Includes a Prologue: The Love Hypothesis

  4. Author You’ve Read Once Before: The Bride Test

  5. Protagonist with Autism: The Kiss Quotient

  6. Title Begins with A: An Offer from a Gentleman

  7. Fourth in a Series: Romancing Mister Bridgerton

  8. Pastel Cover: This Time Tomorrow

  9. Novella: A Clockwork Orange

  10. Adapted: The Man in the High Castle

  11. Poetry or Verse Novel: Little Weirds by Jenny Slate

  12. Moon on Cover: The Girl Who Chased the Moon

  13. Published 10+ Years Ago: I Know This Much Is True

  14. Published in April: Elektra

  15. Theme of Saving the Earth: Damnation Spring

  16. Four Word Title: The Invention of Wings

  17. No Characters on the Cover: A River Enchanted

  18. Title Begins with T: The Girls

  19. Focus on Sibling Relationship: The Most Fun we Ever Had

  20. Read while Traveling/Four Star Read/Laugh Out Loud (AKA books I’m planning on taking on a trip this month that I HOPE will fill some of these gaps):

  • This is How it Always Is
  • Her Fearful Symmetry
  • The Good Girl
  • Crown of Midnight

Character Thought to be Dead is Alive

  • ???
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If anyone is looking for a buddy to buddy read and you’re on StoryGraph (they have a buddy read feature I’d love to try), I’m available and can start a book anytime. Fave genres: fantasy, historical fiction, fiction with magical realism. Others I enjoy: thriller / suspence, sci-fi, science fantasy.

For the ‘Character thought to be dead is alive’ task, I’m planning to read The Secret Book of Flora Lea. I can’t say for certain that it will fit, but based on the blurb and the first half of the book I’m pretty sure it will. (I’ll be surprised if it turns out differently.) If not, I will use it for the 'Title begins with T" task for “The.”


Dead is Alive is so hard to recommend because of spoilers ! It has been out for a while so I’ll risk it - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Also (if I’m remembering the right book Something Wonderful a regency romance from Judith McNaught.

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Review a BookishFirst book: Granite Harbor
Focus on Sibling relationship: Darling Girls
Free space
Author you’ve read once before: Her HIdden Genius
Fourth in a series: Smells Like Tween Spirit

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