ARC Swap Websites

Other than the thread here, what sites do you use to swap ARCs?

1 Like (ARCs allowed) and (ARCs not allowed, only finished copies as they are owned by Amazon). There is also but their process is quite different as the recipient pays for postage. None of these sites require “direct-swaps”


Not actually a swap, but you can get free books for the cost of shipping at

You can also give away books for the cost of shipping. They DO accept ARCs, since the books aren’t being sold. Enjoy!


I just put mine in a ‘little free library’ bin. Most are gone asap.


I love this question! I have so many ARCs I don’t know what to do with them all!!


I love when I am lucky enough to find an ARC in a LFL!

No wonder they are always gone asap when I put them in there.

@booksteahealthyme Little Free Library they have a website so if you want to see whats close to you
I like to put in one or two at a time so that other people have a chance as well.


I’m always interested in paying for shipping or trading for Amazon wishlist for YA ARCs if you ever want to message me :slight_smile:

Thank you for this info – I have never heard of Bookmooch. Just joined! Was looking for a place to swap some of my ARCs.