Book point claim

Hi, I recently was able to utilize my points and claim a book. my question to you guys is should I have written the first impression too or is it okay for me to wait for the book so I can write my full review after reading it?


Since you used your points to obtain a copy, it’s not necessarily REQUIRED of you to write a first impression to enter the raffle.
I only choose to because I’m not 100% sure who sees our first impressions. Like, do the publishers use these as rating projections, or during their final stages of publishing. I have no idea, but my opinion couldn’t hurt.
Maybe explain in your FI what made you want to use your points? Even if it was just the cover art- these things might help the publisher predict sales or help with the final edits.


i picked the book because the cover was beautiful and the summary was super interesting but sure it’s not a bad idea to put why I picked this particular book. thanks for advice.

Even if I claim a book, I always write a first impression–one, to give me 100 points, and two, because the publishers read these and are truly looking for honest opinions.


It’s still 100 points so keep writing excerpt reviews!

I agree with everyone who suggests that you say what you liked about the sample pages that you read which were intriguing enough to make you use your valuable points to secure a copy. An eye-catching cover is also worth mentioning. After finishing the book, you can come back (if so inclined) and add an update, citing more things that made the book interesting.