Bookish Collections

I collect bookmarks and magnets about books. What do you collect that is bookish?


I collect bookmarks/business cards from independent bookstores I visit. I have this crazy dream/goal to visit every single one in all 5 boroughs of NYC!

I collect bookmarks mostly. I’d like to start collecting candles and prints at some point.

Candles sounds delightful. I’m not sure what kind of prints you mean…art prints sound lovely!

Be safe there in NYC! Interesting thing to collect!

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I collect bookmarks and bookish swag. Also bookish figurines.

Books marks, coffee cups, shirts of my favorite books, movies that were adapted, and anything else I can get my hands on. Or imagine. I’m a big collector of things I love. I go a little over the top. :joy:

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I love any type bookish things. But I have collected so far bookmarks and shirts :tshirt:

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I’m collecting bookmarks because I love to match my current book’s cover to a bookmark, but I also would like to collect other merchandise.

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I’ve been collecting book related/inspired enamel pins. I should have done my research before starting bc, as it turns out, enamel pins aren’t cheap, haha! It’s still fun, so no regrets.

Hm. I collect books :rofl:


I collect bookmarks and book sleeves mostly from Book Beau!

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I have a lot of bookmarks. I’d like to say i collect more bookish pins but that becomes expensive and I’m on a tight budget lol. I do have 2 bookish pins, and a few prints.

I collect books and accumulate bookmarks.

Enamel pins are my weakness too!

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card games.

Handmade bookmarks, most horror themed, but beautiful!

I collect both but I also like posters and not books and pens plus post its