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You can find my profile here:
Wine Cellar Library on Goodreads

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Goodreads Bookish First Readers Group


I requested to add you as a friend, My profile is [here]. I just started reviewing on here about a few months ago which is why I don’t have many friends lol :slight_smile:


You’ve gotta start somewhere! Goodreads is an amazing place for book lovers to connect!

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I don’t use Goodreads much, but I’m wanting to change that!
You can find my profile here


Just followed you over on GR.

Just gave you a follow on GR.

And Faunne, I followed you also. I’m incredibly technologically challenged today, so the fact that I was able to get these links to work is some kind of a miracle. :laughing:

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I’ve added all of you!

Add me on Goodreads!

(Also, I added you & the Bookish First group!)


I sent friend requests to all of you! This is me.


Link to my goodreads profile, feel free to add me!


I think I’ve added everyone! I’ve never added friends on Goodreads before so this is a first for me. Lol

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I like your book choices. I just followed you and requested you as a friend. Lol.

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Yess!! I always need more bookish friends. You can find me here:


I can’t figure out how to link my profile! :sweat_smile:

My goodreads is

I’m always looking to add more friends☺

Lol. Same. I didn’t bother trying but instead just started adding people on here and they added me back.

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Oh, right. Or I could just do that haha

@clutteredbooks @thegrimreader When you post a reply, there is a button near the bold and italic buttons that looks like two linked rings. Click it, and it will prompt you for the URL of your link (and an “optional title” if you want to give it one, so that it doesn’t just look like the URL)

For example:

vs: Wine Cellar Library on Goodreads


Ohh!! Thank you so much!!

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