BookishFirst Guide For New Members

New to BookishFirst? Or just need a refresher? Start here! We have all the tips you need!

Profile tips - Make sure to include your mailing address in your profile so you can enter raffles and receive the books if you win!

Enter Raffles - Every Monday new raffles open for entries! Read an excerpt, share your First Impression, and enter the raffle. Winners will be contacted on Tuesdays.

You Won…Now What? - Check your mail! Post in the forum when you’ve received your copy. Take a picture of your book and tag us in your #BookMail posts and show off your win! Read the book before the pub date and write your review.

Sharing Your Review - Earn points by posting your full book review to via the Write Your Review button.

Then share your review to other sites like Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Once your review is shared, copy each url and add them to the Share Your Review section on the book page!

Social Media Tips - Sharing your book mail or review? Tag @BookishFirst, the publisher, and the author! Reshare your review on your social media platforms on release day to add to the excitement for the publisher and author.

Any questions? Or still need help getting started? Reply in the comments and we’ll be happy to help

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I want to use my points to claim my free book but I can’t figure out how! Help please!!

Hi! Once you’ve collected 2000 points (we’ll email you when you do!), you can exchange them for the book of your choice from the current raffle. Simply click the green “Claim this book with your points!” button on that book’s page and the book is yours – without needing to write a First Impression or enter the raffle. Make sure you’re signed into your account so you’ll see the green “claim” button. Hope this helps

How do I see last Monday’s books for the raffle. It’s Sunday Feb 26th,2023 so they should still be up??? Maybe there weren’t any or only so many entries allowed? Help please?

Hi! There wasn’t a raffle last week :grinning:

Do you have a set time for drawing the winners on Tuesdays?