Bookishfirst January 6 Raffles

Which of the three new raffles was your favorite?

My favorite was The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund. I was not expecting to like it but loved the humor/writing. I only entered the raffle for that one since the nonfiction book and the crime fiction one did not hook me.

I couldn’t take the butt scene…I felt like a dirty old lady lol :see_no_evil: One Day You’ll Burn is kind of neat. I’m reading it now through NetGalley.

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I felt the same about the butt scene haha! Teen sex scenes always make me feel really weird.


I actually read Hanger Management a few months ago thanks to NetGalley. It really is an interesting read for anyone who struggles with their relationship with food.

I also only entered for The Best Laid Plans. I have a bunch of thriller/mysteries already on my pile and could use a fun, quick read.

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None of the recent raffles were in genre’s I enjoy, and I’ve learned to only enter raffles when I really want to read the book. I am uncomfortable giving negative reviews, so I try to do my research before entering to be sure I will have at least a few good things to say.

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The raffle choices in recent weeks have been really underwhelming for me.

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