Books not received

Has anyone received The Davenports or The Unseelie? I sent an email to Bookish but im just curious.


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@midnightnarrative I made a whole thread about The Davenports because no one has received it. I and several others have emailed BookishFirst and they just mentioned they would contact the publisher.

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I’m sorry I must have over looked it. At least im not alone now haha

@midnightnarrative Oh no worries!

i used my points for the davenports. i was really looking forward to reading this. i keep checking here to see if anyone has gotten it and i look at IG to see if maybe someone has posted about receiving their copies.

i hope we all get it soon as it’s been over a month of waiting.

I received Unseelie. Definitely check out the discussion where people post when their books arrive. That is what I check to see if I’m waiting on a book others have received, or a book no one has received. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting on The Davenports–I claimed this one with my points. I have received and read Unseelie–I hope you have your copy by now.

I have not received The Davenports either and emailed BookishFirst about a week ago. They replied that they would contact the publisher. But it sounds like nothing has moved our concerns along.

@danapr They mentioned the delay was with the publisher. They updated the expected shipping date to Dec 16th.

Good to know. Thanks!

Has anyone received The Hermes Protocol as it was mailed on the 15th and usually, I get my books within that same week. But, as I have only had two books mailed thus far, I know there are sometimes hold ups and I have gotten my first? Please let me know when you receive your book as I have to watch my mail closely as neighbors sometimes end up with it and rarely do you get anything when that happens as my neighbors dont care enough to help out

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I just got my copy of The Hermes Protocol today (12/27), did you get yours?